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Since 1927, we have proudly served as Queanbeyan's favorite neighborhood pub, deeply rooted in the local community. Originally built to accommodate the workers involved in the construction of Canberra, our location near the railway made us a convenient stop for those seeking to purchase alcohol during the ACT's prohibition era.

Today, we continue to be a popular destination, offering a drive-through bottle shop where you can easily get your favorite beverages. As the heart of the community, we are affectionately known as the 'Top Pub' and actively support local groups and sports teams, including the Harman AFL side and the Queanbeyan Royals Netball club. We even have our own social darts, cricket, and basketball teams.

At Hotel Queanbeyan, we prioritize your safety and enjoyment. While we no longer provide a courtesy bus service, we remain committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all our guests. Join us for a memorable experience at our pub, where you can savor great company, exciting events, and the true essence of community.

With an extensive tenure since 2005, Mathew Griffin is the dedicated manager of Hotel Queanbeyan. As a true local, Mathew was born and raised in Queanbeyan, even attending Queanbeyan High School, which adds to his deep connection with the community.
Beyond his responsibilities at the hotel, Mathew finds joy in betting on greyhound racing and is an active member of a syndicate that owns a racehorse. He has a sports background, having previously played football for the Queanbeyan Tigers, and currently finds pleasure in tennis and cycling. When it comes to his preferred drink, Mathew's go-to is the refreshing Carlton Dry.


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